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Jmschiffner about 5 hours ago

Wet Burrito

I selected only one thing I've tried so let's just say I've tried a lot more than that. Love coming here and now so does our 4 year old!

Vctarantino 17 days ago


Gordito's burritos are delightful, delicious, and filling! All components combine to make the perfect variety of both textures and flavors. Fresh, yummy, and at a good price. Can't beat it!

Grinned 26 days ago


I've been coming to Gorditos for YEARS. I love it so much, the veggie burritos are amazing, the chipotle is delicious, the guacamole is made from actual avocados and the salsa bar rules. Also, you will have to loosen your belt after eating there, in the best possible way.

Adamschaefer90 about 1 month ago

Burrito Grande

Great mexican food and enough food for 3 meals (baby burrito). Good vibe inside the restaurant and the side salsas are pretty tasty. A good spot!

Caressakurz about 2 months ago


I love going here it reminds me of home, Fresno, CA. Mexican food is different in Seattle and Gorditos feels like home.

Albertsummerfield about 2 months ago

Burrito Grande

Best burrito in town! Lovely people and amazing food. If there were a burrito apocalypse and only one source remained in Seattle, I hope it would be Gordito's.

4x4toyota 2 months ago

Burrito Grande

We live 20mi away but will come into Seattle just for this burrito. The ingredients are fresh and the price allows me to take the whole family. I love to get get my burrito wet. The sauce adds just the right amount of spice and helps offset the dryness of the rice.

Mike 2 months ago

Potato Burrito

The potato burrito at Gorditos is my favorite item. Something about the texture of the crispy fried potatos stuffed inside a flour tortilla with the rest of the burrito goodness... it's magic. Sometimes i go crazy and add steak to it. Quite possibly the best combo. Reminds me a little of a California burrito - but somehow better.

Dylan 2 months ago

Potato Burrito

Super good! Will probably get with meat next time to upgrade even more but very filling 😍

Poi602 3 months ago

Burrito Grande

Ive been coming here for at least 20 years and Im sure the rest of the food is fantastic but i only order the wet grande burrito. Even now that i have left seattle i return to eat here every chance I can. I've even changed my flight arrivals so I can make it here before they close! This is the best restaurant I have ever been too.

Rochatkitty 3 months ago

Burrito Grande

When you are in the seattle area your truly not eating the best food UNTIL you walk into Gorditos! The family and i have been coming here since late 2008 and keep coming back when we are around seattle the staff treats you like family and the food is finger licking good ! The burrito is seriously the size of a new born even if you cant finish it in 1 sitting the next day heat it up and its still delicious! Thank you Gorditos por la comida mas sabroza del northwest !

Pugfamily 3 months ago

Burrito Grande

We love the food just as much as we love the employees . Food and friendliness has been consistent for a decade now. All the food is of good portion size, has yummy original touches of flavor, and when you eat it you can actually feel that you are eating healthy (unlike most other Mexican food places around the area). You can even watch them cook the food and see the fresh ingredients as they add them. If you see a line just know the food is well worth it :) The only down side to Gorditos is occasionally the parking. But that has been becoming an issue everywhere and hasn't stopped us from enjoying Gorditos as frequently as possible. This place is in our top 5 of all time. Give it a try! And make sure that if you get the burrito to get it wet and fajita style

Carlosrmata11 4 months ago


I absolutely love this place! I moved to the area over 5 years ago and I keep on coming back. The Steak fajita Wet Burrito is my favorite thing to order. Always made with extra love and a great portion for the price. They have some of the nicest staff too! Every time I go in, they know me by name now. Whenever I have guests visiting from out of town, It's mandatory I bring them over to Gorditos for a bite!

Allieenriquez8 4 months ago

Burrito Grande

This is my new favorite burrito spot! Being from California, I'm always looking for a good burrito in Seattle and I'm so happy I finally found it! There's a solid atmosphere here and I love that they have beers on tap. This is the spot to go to in Seattle for good Mexican food!

Darcymichael 4 months ago

Burrito Grande

Awesome food and atmosphere! Friendly staff and the food comes out fast Everytime.

Alexgzeitler 4 months ago

Burrito Grande

Absolutely fantastic burrito and bigger than anything I've ever seen

Oskarwillhelm 4 months ago


I've been going to Gorditos for years. They have great value, the portions are big and the service is fast and friendly. I love the wet burritos! All of Gorditos salsas and sauces are delicious. I enjoy the salsa bar, it's nice to top your burrito with what you want exactly.

Binbinbob 4 months ago

Carrots, Broccoli, And Califlower Burrito

I love Gorditos!!!! Honestly? Anything you get here is going to be good! They have options for all dietary needs. My family has vegetarians, vegans, gluten free and omnivores and we all can find something here. The atmosphere is fast casual, which I enjoy. The food always comes out really fast. The homemade drinks are delicious, I opt for the jimica or aqua The chips and homemade salsas are delicious. I love that they have a salsa bar, you can get exactly what you want. I have been coming to Gorditos for years and will continue for many years to come!

Patrick 5 months ago

Veggie Veggie Burrito

I've been eating at Gorditos since the 90's. I love that they've always had vegetarian and vegan options. The veggie veggie burrito is my favorite, so huge and cheap! And I love love their hot sauces. Really, the best Mexican food around and cool people.

Mariegallardo10 2 days ago


Love the food, the nachos are very filling and are topped with fresh ingredients

Lindsey 23 days ago


My family has been going to Gorditos for years! The food is amazing (our personal favorite is the creamy chicken chipotle burrito) and the service is just a great! Quality food from quality people and a family friendly environment, couldn't ask for more!

Taylor about 1 month ago

Creamy Chipotle Burrito

This burrito is by and large the greatest thing that's ever come out of Greenwood. The portions are humongous, and the quality is outstanding. The service is always excellent, and the salsa bar is amazing. I can't rave enough about Gorditos, if you haven't tried it you are missing out.

Liskmc about 1 month ago


My standard is the wet carne asada burrito and i have never had better Mexican food...and I'm from San Diego! Everything is fresh, everyone is friendly, and their salsa bar is second to none. Did I mention that their prices are also great for the huge meal you get. Buy the way, the quesadillas are stunning as well. I wholeheartedly suggest you go'll never go anywhere else!

Ucwr110 about 2 months ago

Burrito Grande

This burrito is a special event. And for only about $10, you get a VIP pass to privately dine with it.

Evilcow13 2 months ago

Tostada Salad

Delicious and innovative way to eat healthy mexican food!

Kd7lay 2 months ago


Love love the chicken burrito. The flavors meld together for the perfect taste. A fun, family friendly place to go

Jessica 2 months ago

Tostada Salad

I order the Tostada salad with chicken Everytime. The taco shell is crispy and fresh 👌. I usually have enough for lunch the next too. Highly recommend this dish!

Xelanelle 2 months ago

Fajita Burrito

BEST burrito ever! I love the fajita veggies, and everything tastes so fresh and delicious. I recommend this place to people all the time, and take people here who are visiting from out of town! The guacamole is great too!

Pantherswa 3 months ago

Burrito Grande

I came with my family of 5 ,my daughter her three children , Who are excellent eaters btw! From the minute we walked in, the atmosphere , and servers Waitress cooks-happy to serve us with a smile I can not emphasize enough # 1 Gorditos you absolutely need to spread out and come down south to Walla Walla area ! #2 don't change anything! We can not wait to Visit with you all again hopefully really soon !

Louis 3 months ago

Burrito Grande

The baby burrito is amazing, and is huge! Great for an all at once if you can handle it, or take it home. Still delicious 3 days later. The enchilada plates are my weakness anywhere, but Gordito's has a special place in my heart for their enchiladas. Been goin here a long time and it's still as great as the first visit!

Guest 4 months ago

Creamy Chipotle Burrito

I live in Michigan and only get to Seattle once a year to visit one of my best friends. Last year we ate here and I had this burrito. I will now be eating this every time I visit. I cannot wait and I will see you Gorditos on October 18th.

Spilgrim88 4 months ago

Burrito Grande

You can't go wrong with the "Grande" Burrito - aka the baby burrito as it is known to be the size of an infant child. Gorditos has been a staple of the neighborhood, always super quick, convenient, great atmoshphere and friendly staff! You really cant go wrong with any of the menu items here they are all delicious and consistent quality! Pro tip: get the burrito "wet" and definately get the chips and salsa when dining in house -- salsa bar has a couple options and is super fresh and delicious!

Toddgrove24 4 months ago

Burrito Grande

Best Burrito in town ! HUGE portion, healthy options, amazing staff as well. This is a must do for a burrito fan !!

Jenny 4 months ago


I always get the wet burrito (all of them are amazing!) and a quesadilla. So much food, but it's so good! Gorditos is always my first choice for Mexican in Seattle.

Stephaniewittenbrink 4 months ago

Carrots, Broccoli, And Califlower Burrito

An absolutely incredible burrito! Heading to your restaurant right now to celebrate my 30th birthday as your restaurant is my favorite! High quality ingredients and outstanding customer service every time!!

Binbinbob 4 months ago


Gorditos has the best salsas! Their medium salsa is impeccable. The complimentary warm mild salsa with chips is unbeatable. I love all their burritos, especially wet! Their quesadillas are delicious as well. The portion sizes are a great value. I'm been going to Gorditos for years, they are always fast and friendly. The salsa bar is one of the best, I couldn't ask for anything more!

Majormediacorporation 5 months ago

Burrito Grande

I've been going here for years, and I love the wet burrito grande so much that I actually have never tried anything else on the menu. Very well priced for what can be a full day's meal.

Irisnanny 5 months ago

Enchilada Plate

Everyone goes on about the enormous burritos, but don't underestimate the enchiladas. Ensaladas Verde here has been one of my favorite dishes for probably the last 15 years. The sauce is bright and delicious the serving is a good size, black beans are tasty and the rice as fabulous. Caritas is also a great place to bring kids I have never had a kid complain about the food. The salsa is delicious but not spicy at all but you don't feel like you're missing anything but the lack of heat. All in all I would happily recommend this place any day of the week.


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