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Spinach Burrito Grande


Two large flour tortillas filled with black beans, Mexican rice, spinach, tomatoes, onions, sour cream, and guacamole

Spinach add meat:Add Chicken +$4Add Steak +$4Add Pork +$4
Burrito Protein Addition:Extra Chicken +$4Extra Pork +$4Extra Steak +$4
Make it Wet Grande:Grande Wet +$3Grande Wet Green Salsa +$3
Spice Level Choice:Medium Mild Spicy HOT!!!
Spinach Burrito Mods:No Beans No Rice No Sour Cream No Dairy No Cheese No Guacamole No Tortilla Sour Cream on the Side Guacamole on the side
Add Cheese:Add Cheese +$1.50
Make It a Plate:Make It a Plate +$3.50
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