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Bean and Cheese Burrito Grande


This one is for the big kid in all of us! Two large flour tortillas filled with you guessed it, beans and cheese! Add things to make it your own!

Burrito Protein Addition B&C:Add Chicken +$2.25Add Pork +$2.25Add Steak +$2.25
Make it Wet Grande:Grande Wet +$3Grande Wet Green Salsa +$3
Spice Level Choice:Medium Mild Spicy HOT!!!
Bean and Cheese Burrito Add-Ons:Add Chunky Salsa +$1Add Guacamole +$1Add Lettuce +$1Add Rice +$1Add Sour Cream +$1Add Spinach +$1Add Tomatoes +$1
Bean and Cheese Burrito Mods:No Beans No Cheese No Tortilla
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