baby burrito

Our Story

Gorditos began way back in Dec of 1994. We decided to open Gorditos because we had a different style of Mexican food to offer Seattle. We serve Mexican food with a healthy flair. Although its healthful food, its still true Mexican food. It's truly a guilt"less" pleasure.

The serving sizes are big, but that's so you can take some home for later. We now have a chiquito menu with smaller portions, but its so good you'll want leftovers…so you'll find yourself ordering off the regular menu.

What makes our food healthful you ask?…We are completely trans-fat free, our beans are made without lard or oil, our rice without chicken stock, all of our meats are grilled, and our salsas are all made from fresh tomatoes and chiles.

We have many vegetarian and vegan options, even our chips are completely animal-free.

Our specialty would be our "Wet Burrito" or "Wet Burrito Grande" and you can have this with chicken, steak, pork, tofu, fish, prawns, spinach, or meatless. Another options for these burritos would be fajita style veggies, sautéed bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes in one of our homemade salsas and rolled into the burrito…Mmmmm, it makes me hungry thinking about it.

Gorditos' Burrito Grande, aka the famous Baby Burrito. This hefty baby-sized burrito is literally the size of a new born. One of our customers was inspired to take a side-by-side comparison photo of his new born baby next to the burrito. Thus was born our baby burrito wall where customers have left us photos of their babies and burritos. We'd love to start a digital wall here on our site, join us on Facebook and share your photo.